“An inspirational process that offers children regular opportunities to achieve, develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning experiences in a local woodland environment.”

Forest School sessions complement the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and allows children regular contact with their natural environment. The holistic approach encourages and supports children to take reasonable risks, allows time and space for children to develop their self-confidence in themselves, their peers and their environment. Forest School especially nurtures children’s intrinsic motivation to learn about the world around them, to make connections from first hand experiences. It provides opportunities to wonder, to explore and to connect with the natural environment

Both our on and off site Forest School areas provide safe but challenging environments with elements of risk. Children are supported to learn how to risk assess their abilities, to take manageable risks and to think about possible consequences.

During Forest School sessions children are introduced to both fire and site safety rules. They then either join a structured activity, such as group games, den building, natural art, tool, and rope work or have time to explore and play in and with previous construction, trees, rope swings, searching for friendly trolls etc. We have a snack and drink in the woodland and come together at the end of a session to chat about the best bits.

We currently run forest school sessions on Wednesday and Friday mornings and Monday and Thursday afternoons. Children who attend nursery on Wednesday and/or Friday mornings will usually get two six week block sessions in the onsite Forest school as part of our regular nursery offer. Our afternoon sessions are prioritised for our older children. On these afternoons we usually go off site to our external Forest school. ~ a 15-minute walk away from the nursery. This is a great way to build stamina and develop physical skills.